CLASSES: Women’s Only Classes

Girls, Giggles, & Guns – $90.00 6 hours

This beginning firearms course is for women only, and is taught by all female instructors. It is designed for women who have little to no firearms training, but are interested in learning about guns and how to shoot. The course will cover common handguns, as well as in depth firearms safety, ammunition varieties and their usages, and laws pertaining to owning, transporting, and using firearms. The class includes range time, with each student paired up with an instructor while they are shooting, to make certain every woman leaves with the best possible experience. This class was reviewed by The Union on February 3, 2013.

Equipment Required:

If you own a firearm, we encourage you to bring it with you, if you do not feel comfortable bringing the firearm, or do not own your own, we supply both a 9mm semiautomatic and .38 special to shoot in the class, as well as the necessary safety equipment.

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