How to Get Here

There are various ways to get to THE RANGE.  You could use our GPS coordinates (39.219855,-121.011818), use Google Maps and insert our address (13235B Grass Valley Ave, Grass Valley, CA), use our QR Code
or you might want to try using what3words.

what3words (w3w) is the easiest way to describe any precise location.  It has divided the world into 3-meter squares and given each one a unique identifier made from three words.  You can input an address, business name, or a 3 word address, then use your favorite navigation aid (Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, etc.) navigate to the precise location.

Some examples of how people use w3w are: telling friends exactly where to meet, easily entering a precise destination into a ride-hailing app and giving their precise location over the phone to emergency services.

Businesses in travel, mobility and logistics, as well as some emergency response teams, use w3w to operate more efficiently and provide a better service.

The what3words address for THE RANGE is:  fell.fence.updated