Firearm Safety & Range Familiarization Class

$55.00/$75.00* – 2 hours classroom instruction, 1 hour range time

This course is designed for those individuals who have never received formal firearms safety training. It is strongly recommended for new gun owners and their family members 16 and over. A parent or guardian must accompany students under 21.

The additional portion of the class is strongly recommended for anyone who wishes to obtain a Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC) so they may purchase a firearm in the state of California. This card is required for any purchase or transfer of a firearm in California. Please note that this additional portion of the class will add 30 minutes after range time. *The total cost for the class and FSC is $75.00.

  • Equipment Needed:

    • Handgun
    • Safety Equipment
    • 50 rds of jacketed ammo (no exposed lead)

    Note: Handgun and safety equipment may be rented at a nominal cost. Ammunition is also available to purchase.