Where Do I Start?

We always recommend you start with one of our classes or private instructions if you haven’t had much experience with firearms. Not only will you learn about the responsibility and safety requirements, but you will learn marksmanship skills to keep you motivated and feeling accomplished.

If you are an experienced shooter, you might be interested in coming to check out our Monday Night League, our Tactical League or our Defensive Handgun Class – “B-Prepared”.

Firearm Safety & Range Familiarization

This course is designed for those individuals who have never received formal firearms safety training. It is strongly recommended for new gun owners and their family members 16 and over. A parent or guardian must accompany students under 21.

Private Instruction

Sometimes the best way to learn something is one-on-one with a good teacher. Our private instructors teach all levels of experience in a wide variety of disciplines. Whether you have zero experience with firearms or are an accomplished shooter, a private instruction can be catered to meet your needs and enhance your shooting experience.

Carry Concealed Weapons (CCW) Classes

Are you getting ready to take a New or Renewal CCW Class? We are authorized by the local Sheriff’s Offices to prepare you to get your Permit to carry a firearm in public.  Additional information can be seen here.

Women’s Only Classes

These Classes are designed for women only – Ladies Beginning Marksmanship (AKA Girls, Giggles and Guns) and Women’s Self Defense.  More information can bee seen here.

AR-15 Familiarization Class

This course is designed for individuals who own or plan to purchase an AR-15 style rifle. You will also become more familiar with optics and accessories available for AR style rifles. More info here.

Reload Metallic Cartridges Class

Is the price and availability of ammunition a problem for you?  Have you ever thought of reloading your own ammunition?  We have a hands-on Class which will teach you how to safely reload your own ammunition.  No previous experience required.  For more information, click here.