Handgun Marksmanship Series

Basic Marksmanship

$75.00 – 3 hrs classroom, 2 hrs range time

This level is designed for those who wish to learn the fundamentals of marksmanship and will cover handgun safety review, the 5 basic fundamentals of marksmanship, accurately and confidently engaging your target from 7-10yards, and shooting under the pressure of time constraints.

Intermediate Marksmanship

$85.00 – 2 hrs classroom, 3 hrs range time

This course is intended for the shooter who has the 5 basic fundamentals of marksmanship down, but are struggling with their shooting confidence as the target moves further away. This level reviews the fundamentals, increases shooting stress, and concentrates on targets from 15 to 25 yards away.

Advanced Marksmanship

$95.00 – 3 hrs classroom, 2 hrs range time

For that confident marksman who needs to be the best, here’s the class for you! Have you ever fired your handgun out to 50 yards? Here’s your chance! Not only will you be applying your marksmanship skills at 50 yards, but we’ll even teach you to hit the paper!

Ladies Beginning Marksmanship

$60.00 – 3 hrs including range time

Have you completed the Girls, Giggles, & Guns class, or even the Firearms Safety & Familiarization class?
Now is the time to hone your shooting skills and take this class.

You will be treated to 3 hours of instruction, taught by female instructors, who can help take you to the next level of shooting
and boost your shooting confidence. You will practice the five basic principles of marksmanship, review the rules and laws
surrounding firearms safety, but will be primarily focused on marksmanship skills. Come and join us for an exciting evening
of shooting, learning, and enjoying your 2nd Amendment rights.

  • Equipment Needed

    • Handgun
    • Holster (optional)
    • Safety Equipment
    • 200 rounds of jacketed ammo

    Note: Safety equipment may be rented at a nominal cost.