Note:  At this time, we are not scheduling NEW CCW Classes on our Calendar.  If you desire a New CW Class, please call THE RANGE (530) 273-4440 to be put on a list of interested students.  When we have a sufficient number, we will then schedule a New CCW Class.

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Q1. I would like a Permit to carry a concealed firearm in California. What do I have to do?
A. If you have a clean background (no convictions for a felony or any violent type misdemeanor), you need to fill out a CA CCW Application form.  That form is included in the Nevada, Placer, and Yuba Counties’ applications.  Information for a Sierra County CCW may be seen here.  THE RANGE CCW Classes are authorized for those counties.

Q2. How do I apply for a California CCW permit?
A. You can go to this website and see what is required.

Q3. Do I have to attend a class to get a California Permit?
A. Yes, you must attend a New CCW Class.  CA law now mandates a 16-hour class.  After you obtain your Permit, you must attend an 8-hour Renew CCW Permit Class every 2 years to keep your Permit active.

Q4. How long will it take to get the Permit?
A. It can take anywhere from 3 months to a year from the time you turn in your application until your Permit is issued.  Sometimes there is a backlog in California due to the high demand for Permits.

Q5. Which should I do first: attend the New CCW Class or file an application with the Sheriff?
A. The Sheriff’s Offices require you to apply with them first before you sign up for a Class.

Q6. Is the application fee refundable if I do not qualify for a CCW permit?
A. No, the application fees and class fees are not refundable if you fail to get a Permit.

Q7. Can I be pre-approved before I pay for the class and the application fee?
A. No.  Approvals are determined by the information on your application and a background check.

Q8. What will I get in the class?
A. In the class, you will learn the Firearm Safety Rules; see various models of handguns and methods of carry; learn about ammunition for your gun; CA firearm and concealed carry laws will be covered.  Note: a “good cause statement” is no longer required – see Q16.  Liability and insurance will be discussed, and you will be given the 5 steps to aid you in becoming a marksman.  You must pass a written test, then you will then go into the firing range and shoot the required course of fire.

Q9. When does the CA Permit expire?
A. The Permit is valid for 2 years.  To renew the Permit, you will then be required to take the 8-hour Renew CCW Class.  Note: Your Renew CCW Class Certificate is only valid for 2 months, so don’t take a Class too early.  Watch that expiration date – Nevada Co. only gives you a 30-day grace period to renew after your Permit expires!

Q10. How can I add or change a gun on my Permit?
A1. If you already have a CCW Permit, go to THE RANGE* with the gun you wish to add, pay a $25 fee, shoot the qualification course of fire and they will give you a Certificate to take to the Sheriff.  The Sheriff will issue you a modified Permit with the added new gun.

A2. If you recently took the New CCW Permit Class at THE RANGE and have not yet received your Permit, go to THE RANGE* with the gun you wish to add & shoot the qualification course of fire (no charge if you purchased the gun at THE RANGE).  Send an email to with the gun info and a new Certificate will be printed.  The Certificate will be left at THE RANGE for you to pick up – usually the next day they are open.

*Note: Please call THE RANGE (530) 273-4440 prior to arriving to ensure a certified Rangemaster is available to sign the certificate.

Q11. How do I sign up for a California CCW Class? Is there room in the next class? What if I need to move into another Class? Can you sign me up?
A. The Sheriff’s Offices require you to apply with them first before you sign up for a New CCW Class.  Then – Check our Calendar for class schedules.  You must first call THE RANGE (530) 273-4440 to enroll, cancel or move to another Class.  After you enroll, then send your information for the Class and list your guns here.  This information will be used to prepare your Class Certificate.

Q12. I can’t find my class Certificate. How can I get another copy?
A. Send an email to requesting a copy – a copy will be left at THE RANGE for you to pick up – usually the next day they are open. Note: If you reside in Nevada or Placer County, he will email the copy to you since they require all CCW transactions to be done on-line. Additional information concerning Nevada County CCW Permits can be viewed here.  Placer Co. CCW Permit info can be viewed here.

Q13. Someone told me I need to fire 80 rounds to qualify. Is that correct?
A. Yes – if you have 1 gun on your Permit – 50 practice rounds and 30 rounds to qualify using the gun of your choice.  If you have 2 or 3 guns, you will then fire 30 rounds for each additional gun you have listed on your Permit.  For details, see the course of fire. If you are unsure about qualifying, you should take our 2 hour “CCW Prep Class“.

Q14. What size and how many guns can I list on my Permit?
A. Most counties limit you to 3 guns maximum, but there are exceptions. The Nevada Co. CCW website states “In order for inclusion on a CCW license in Nevada county, a weapon must be a revolver or semi-automatic pistol no smaller than .32 caliber and no larger than .45 caliber. No more than 3 (three) weapons shall be listed on the CCW license.” Placer County states the gun must be between .25 and .45 caliber.

Q15. Can my wife/partner list my guns on her Permit?
In the past, this was allowed.  However, the law changed: Penal Code Section 26162 – [Effective 1/1/2024] Determination of ownership of firearm capable of being concealed upon the person (a) Prior to the issuance of a license, renewal of a license, or amendment to a license, each licensing authority with direct access to the designated Department of Justice system shall determine if the applicant is the recorded owner of the particular pistol, revolver, or other firearm capable of being concealed upon the person reported in the application for a license or the application for the amendment to a license under this chapter.

Q16. What is a “good cause statement”?
A.  A “good cause statement” is no longer required.  See the CA Attorney General Legal Alert Bulletin of June 24, 2022 which can be viewed here:

Q17. What are the current laws concerning purchase of firearms or ammunition?
A. Visit this website to see a list of FAQs.

Q18. I was told if I desired to purchase a handgun in CA, it must be on a list.  Is this true?
A. Yes, the list of Handguns Certified for sale in CA can be seen here.