Q1. I hear you don’t need a Permit to carry a concealed firearm in Arizona.  Is that correct?
A.  Yes, that is correct – but if you desire to carry concealed in one of the 30 states (including Nevada) that honor AZ, the AZ Permit will cover you.

Q2. Do I have to attend a class to get an Arizona Permit?
A.  No, it is not necessary to attend a class.  You can go to the AZ website and see what is required, complete the paperwork and mail it in.

Q3. If not required, then why would I want to attend a class?
A.  THE RANGE has designed a “one stop convenience” for you with a 2-hour Arizona CCW Permit Class – the tuition is $100 for the class.  At the end of this class, you have almost everything you need to apply for a Permit.

Q4. “Almost” – what more is needed?
A.  A certified check or money order for $60 made out to “AZ DPS”.  You then mail the total package to Arizona.

Q5. What will I get in the class?
A.  THE RANGE provides (2) AZ fingerprint cards, an AZ DPS Application Form, a mailing envelope, and a CD which lists all of the files and web sites referred to in the Class.  First, we will fingerprint you on the 2 cards.  Second, we review all of the Arizona laws concerning CCW in the state of Arizona.  You are required to sign an affidavit on the Application Form stating you have reviewed and are aware of these statutes.  Third, we make a copy of your “Approved Firearm Safety Certificate of Completion” for inclusion in your package.  We will assist you filling out your application.  All of these items are then placed in the provided envelope to be mailed to Arizona DPS.

Q6. I had to get a California “Firearms Safety Certificate (FSC)” to purchase a gun in CA.  Is this an Approved Certificate to get an AZ Permit?
A.  No.  Since it is not necessary to fire a gun to get the CA FSC (written test only), it is not an approved Certificate.

Q7. Is a California CCW necessary to get an AZ Permit?
A.  No.  It is one of the Approved Certificates, but other Classes qualify.

Q8. My wife does not have an Approved Certificate.  Can she get an AZ Permit?
A.  Yes – THE RANGE has a follow-on 2 hour “Handgun Safety & Marksmanship Fundamentals Class” ($25) taught by an NRA certified Instructor.  At the end of this class, she would receive an Approved Certificate to include in her package.

Q9. When does the AZ Permit expire?
A.  The AZ CCW Permit is valid for 5 years costs $60 – the current cost for a renewal is $45.

Q10. If I get an Arizona Permit, does this allow me to carry concealed in California?
A.   No, California does not recognize AZ or any other state’s CCW Permit.

Q11. How do I sign up for an Arizona Class?
A.  First, click here to view our Calendar of class schedules.  Then call THE RANGE (530) 273-4440 to enroll in the class.