Hunter Safety – All Classes temporarily canceled for the remainder of 2020

California Hunter Education I & II* – $10.00 10 hours

Fish & Wildlife LogoIf you are interested in hunting, whether you’re interested in hunting in California or out of state, you will need to obtain the certificate from this course in order to apply for hunting licenses. In accordance with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, this course will cover everything from types of firearms and ammunition requirements to basic wilderness safety and survival.

The California Department of Fish & Wildlife requires that all students pre-register at their site prior to enrolling for a course date with The Range. If you would like to take the Hunter Education class, please visit:

Once you have completed your pre-registration, please call or visit The Range to reserve your spot in a class date and pay the $10 tuition.  At the time you pay the fee at THE RANGE, you should receive a Hunter Education Manual.  Take the time to read the Manual prior to Class and be sure to bring the Manual with you to class.  Practice exams can be taken at: or


*NOTE: Due to the level of comprehension required to pass this course, we recommend all students be 10 years or older to attend. All students are required to pass a 100 question test at the end of the course in order to obtain their certificate, with a score of 80% or higher.

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